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Eti Mine Works

ETIBANK has been incorporated in order to eliminate aftermath of Turkish War of Independence and of Great Depression through utilizing natural resources as a triggering power of industrialization and modernization, in June, 14 1935.

The company name “ETI” was chosen by Turkish Great Leader M. Kemal Atatürk who also was the initiator of incorporation of this giant mining enterprise. The company name comes from the ancient Anatolian Hittite civilization first explored and processed mine in the history of mankind.

In 2004, the company has been restructured under a new name “ETI Mine Works General Management” and has concentrated its efforts only for boron minerals and refined boron production.

ETI Mine Works General Management has a significant role among state enterprises acting in mining sector, in Türkiye. Today, Eti Mine is one of the leading organizations in the chemical sector in Turkey with its high technology modern chemistry facilities. Present indicators explicitly introduce that ETI Mine Works, being a ISO 9002 company , is a leader in boron minerals and refined boron chemicals production both in terms of production capacities and new investments.

Eti Mine Works is the sole producer of boron minerals and refined compounds in Turkey having high-tech production facilities in 4 different locations.

  • EMET


Kırka Boron Works is active in mining, chemistry, metallurgy and logistics, especially boron and boron products. The Kırka formation, which possesses the largest share among the world‘s tincal reserves, constitutes for about 20% of the world and 25% of the Turkey boron reserves.

Kırka has 3 million tons of tincal production per year by open pit mining.
In this facility, tincal is transformed into value added boron products such as borax pentahydrate, borax decahydrate, anhydrous borax, calcined tincal and also natural cleaning product.

These boron products are essential ingredients of various products such as fertilizer, fire extinguisher, adhesive, agrochemical, bleach, soap, insulating glass wool, metallurgical welding and textile paint.


In Emet facility mining, production and logistics activities are carried out with the latest technology in international quality standards.

The world’s largest and most important colemanite deposit located in Emet region, possesses about 40% of world and 55% of Turkey colemanite reserves.

In this facility, colemanite is transformed to boric acid. Boric acid plays an active role in , LCD screen eye, ear, skin treatment, insecticide production, fibreglass, prexy glass production and flame-proof clothing.


Bandırma facility transforms the tincal and colemanite ores extracted from Kırka, Emet and Bigadic sites to high value-added, quality and sustainable boron products namely boric Acid, borax decahydrate/borax pentahydrate, ground colemanite, anhydrous borax, disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT), zinc borate and boron oxide (amorphous and glassy).

Bandırma facility, is one of the most important boron production centres of Turkey, with 400.000 tons of boron production and with its port facilities where more than 900.000 of boron products exported to more than 100 countries per year.


Bigadiç facility transforms boron minerals excavated from Bigadiç mines, to high value natural products with its vision of high quality. Along with the concentrated boron mineral, Bigadiç facility is also producing the world leading natural product “ground colemanite” which is only available in Eti Mine product portfolio.

Ground colemanite and ulexite are mostly used in agriculture and medicine. Concentrated colemanite and ulexite are used in heat insulation, sound insulation, ceramics, metallurgy, slag production, glass and glass fibre production.

Bigadiç facility is supporting its sense of quality with strong references with quality, energy, environment, occupational health and safety management system and accredited laboratory certificates.




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